Microporous surface

Non-stick surface using pneumatic principle

Basic information

Microporous surface technology provide a unique solution for a contactless guiding of various materials such as foils, paper tapes, self-adhesive materials, freshly printed products etc. The technology is based on the principle of driving compressed air through a highly porous surface that creates an air cushion, which prevents the material from contacting the surface.


Freshly printed materials cannot be damaged by contacting the guide rollers. Surfaces that cannot be scratched. Highly sticky surfaces (self-adhesive foil).Extremely thin foil.

Advantages of microporous surfaces

  • Homogeneity of the air cushion formed on the microporous surface
  • Significantly lower air and energy consumption compared to other solutions (micro-drilled surfaces)
  • Variable porosity levels
  • It does not produce any heat on the surface
  • No-noise operation
  • The shape variability of the parts on which these surfaces can be created
  • Suitable for very soft materials

This is not the only technology that is suitable for rollers. You can read an article about 5 ways of surface treatment for rollers we offer.

Get more information or let us present you the technology

Get more information or let us present you the technology

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