Heat shrinkable teflon tubes and sleeves

Supply and application of heat-shrinkable fluoroplastic (teflon) tubes and sleeves.

Basic information

BALTRO is a provider and applicator of heat shrinkable fluoroplastic (often simplified to "teflon") tubes and sleeves, made of PTFE, FEP and PFA materials (types of fluoroplastics).

These are provided in standard dimensions (diameter from 2 mm up to 800 mm and length from 600 mm up to 11.000 mm) but also specially customized to satisfy particular, specific requirements.

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These products are being used primarily in the area of measurement and control technology, medicine, textile, chemical, automotive and food industry, in the field of electroplating, as well as in the aerospace industry.

Due to the number of surface treatments for rollers, we have prepared a summary of 5 ways how you can protect your rollers on our blog.


Using a special technology, heat shrinkable tubes and sleeves get enlarged in diameter, so that the application can be done; by subsequent warmig, they shrink back almost to their original dimension.

The most common shrink ratios are 2:1 or 4:1 for PTFE and 1.3:1 or 1.6:1 for FEP and PFA materials. Please contact us with a specific shrink ratio demand. Fluoroplasts, and PTFE in particular, require special know-how for application on components. Based on a previous consultation, we will suggest a specific solution.

Two-ply heat shrinkable tubing, so-called "DUAL", is a special product that combines two types of fluoroplastics. The outer cover is made of PTFE while FEP is the inner material - which, after melting, serves as a fixation to the workpiece surface.

The recommended shrink temperature in °C (approximate figures)

Shrink temperature may vary according to the lot and must be determined (specified) in advance - during the test procedure.

Shrinking temperature 330 190 220 330
Melting point - 275 310 275
Operating temperature (continual) 260 205 260 205

Use the advantages of teflon sleeves on your rollers

Use the advantages of teflon sleeves on your rollers

Fluoroplastic tubes and hoses

BALTRO s.r.o. provides a wide range of fluoroplastic tubes and hoses as a follow-up to the diverse requirements of customers. Contact us and we will help you to find the best solution!

Where are these products being used:

  • Electronics industry
  • Production of machines and facilities
  • Electroplating
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Food Industry
  • Medical technology
  • Automobile engineering

Fluoroplastic tubes and hoses feature almost universal chemical resistance, outstanding anti-adhesive and dielectric properties, high temperature resistance and physiological harmlessness.

Apart from standard size range, it is possible to provide a solution tailored to customer's needs. For a demand, these products can be even provided in diverse coloured variants.

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