Robotization and automation

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Automated manufacturing processes

We help to improve the entire production process with automation technology. We can design and implement customized solutions, whether you need specific single-purpose machines or to automate part of the manufacturing process. We cooperate with renowned manufacturers of robots and automation technology with wide technical support and service.

Robotic workplaces

The robot workplace delivers high precision in handling products from place to place at high speed. Most often, robots perform repeated operations in the "pick and place" mode. With the development of industrial cameras we are talking about "trace, pick and place". These include turning, moving to other positions, loading into machines, or folding into boxes, palletizing and packaging. We can also use robots that meet the demanding criteria of safe workplace and can work in close proximity to humans.


By using the robot in the production process, the quality, efficiency and speed of the production area can be increased.

With robots we will provide automatic operation of most machines, presses, industrial washing machines, etc. Typically, robots are used for loading and unloading products from machines, moving parts, creating and positioning parts, trace & pick & place applications, etc.

Due to the recent decline in industrial robot prices, this technology is also being used for small and family manufacturing companies.

We also supply cooperative robots for safer operation and the ability to work in close proximity to humans.

A suitable solution for production where mass-produced robots cannot be used.

We develop and implement dedicated machines based on our customers' requirements. For these special machines we use only components of renowned suppliers with proven quality and reliability.

Most often they are special custom machines for:

  • Rewinding and dividing
  • Deburring and cleaning
  • Linear axes manipulation

We design and implement a complete packaging and palletizing solution.

The product is transported on the conveyor and subsequently moved and aligned to a pallet, which can also be automatically wrapped in foil and taped. Whether it is boxes or bags, the industrial robot palletizes the goods according to the customer's needs.

Robots complying with hygiene standards can also be used for food processing operations.

The palletizing robot can determine the types and sizes of parts, can sort them and monitor the height in palletizing operations.

The goal of automation is the highest quality, accuracy and repeatability of production activities or processes.

By automation, human factor errors are reduced. Due to the precise and repeatable production process of the automated line, there is no risk of product quality decrease.

Automation enables better tracking of product flow and generally improves the control of the process.

Use advantages of robotization and automation

Use advantages of robotization and automation

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