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BALTRO Ltd. company specializes in supply and application of fluoropolymer materials (heat shrinkable sleeves, foils, machined parts, special surface treatments) on the components of technology and manufacturing units. These materials (simply referred to as teflons) provide or increase the separation properties of components, improve their chemical (corrosion) resistance, make cleaning easier and extend the lifetime of these components.


Teflon coated boiler
  1. Heat shrinkable sleeves
  2. Surface treatments with flouroplastic application
  3. Machining of metals and plastics

Products by Industry:

  1. Textile industry
  2. Paper Industry
  3. Food processing industry
  4. Printing Industry
  5. Laminating machines and devices
  6. Chemical industry
  7. Pharmaceutical Industry


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9.5.2017: Our new production hall is being finished these days and we expect that we will open at the beginning of the second half of year 2017.......

Certificate ISO 9001 audit TÜV

28.4.2017: The periodic audit of ISO 9001 was successfully completed by the end of April 2017 by the company TÜV. The recertification audit will......


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BALTRO s.r.o. je zapsána v OR vedeném u KS v Č. Budějovicích, odd. C, vl. 17403